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Solutions for a Revolution: How Bernie Sanders Supporters Can Save the Movement

I’ve been exceptionally hard on Bernie Sanders and his supporters this election cycle. Anyone that reads this blog can tell you that the majority of my posts are critical of the senator and his so-called “revolution.” Truthfully though, there’s a … Continue reading

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Disturbing the Nest: My Brief Experience with the Bernie Sanders Revolution

  Call it an ad hoc anthropologic exercise. One minute you’re busily going through your daily routine, getting the kids breakfast, making sure they’re not setting fire to the furniture, the next you’re delving into the world of the Bernie … Continue reading

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Here’s comes the revolution, but it’s not what you think

  “What Iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. A political revolution that says when millions of people come together, many who have never been involved in the political process, when they come together and say enough is enough … Continue reading

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