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Never Forget the Women’s March on Washington

It’s been a little over two months since Donald Trump was elected the unfortunate 45th president of the United States. Nothing celebratory accompanied his Inauguration. The parade and subsequent balls failed to clear the dark clouds over Washington. The following … Continue reading

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This is not normal.

If there were ever a time I hoped to be wrong, this would’ve been that time. Shortly after the Iowa Caucuses in February, I wrote an article titled, “Here comes the revolution, but it’s not what you think.” In that … Continue reading

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Understanding White Privilege: A Guide For White People

By J Lee Hugar On a cool sun-filled day sixteen years ago, I casually drove my work van through a bluster of city streets with the windows rolled down and Eminem blasting through the speakers. I’m not entirely sure why … Continue reading

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No. I am not a Correct the Record Clinton Operative.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s more laughable: The idea that someone would pay me to make comments on Facebook? Or the fact that I’m doing it for free? Truth be told, I do engage in political discussions on … Continue reading

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Solutions for a Revolution: How Bernie Sanders Supporters Can Save the Movement

I’ve been exceptionally hard on Bernie Sanders and his supporters this election cycle. Anyone that reads this blog can tell you that the majority of my posts are critical of the senator and his so-called “revolution.” Truthfully though, there’s a … Continue reading

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Bernie’s Big Lie: A Contested Convention in July

I’m actually in the process of crafting a longer essay on how I believe the Bernie Sanders movement can continue after the nominating process is over, but new information cluttered my morning newsfeed, so here we are. Multiple sources reported … Continue reading

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Immersive Politics: My Brief Experience with the Clinton Campaign

On an unseasonably warm day in March, I met Eric at a hipster coffee shop in North Buffalo. He wasn’t hard to spot. Visibly exhausted, he half-heartedly plucked at his computer keys from behind the Hillary logo slapped across his … Continue reading

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March Madness: High School Politics

It’s time to look back and have a little talk about what happened in March. By now, I’ve already discussed the trends of the Angry White Voter, record-breaking Republican turn-out, and badly behaving supporters. So, let’s shift our attention to … Continue reading

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No one reads this blog, and that’s okay.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. It’s probably more correct to say that a few people read this blog. I read it, my wife reads it. My friends read it when they have time, and there’s a handful of WordPress followers … Continue reading

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TrollPatrol8: A Countdown of the Worst People on Social Media This Week

This gallery contains 11 photos.

#10 Okay Maria, but this article is about Elizabeth Warren. #9 He can’t hear you, Jenifer. You’re on the Internet, and he’s in Cuba. #8 As opposed to before, when they didn’t taste like cardboard? Not sure I get your … Continue reading

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