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Republicans Need to Start Acting (r)epublican

Note: This article uses a small (r) to differentiate between the Republican Party and (r)epublican representative government. I wasn’t surprised four months ago when Chris Collins became the first Republican in Congress to endorse Donald Trump. As a longtime resident … Continue reading

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No. I am not a Correct the Record Clinton Operative.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s more laughable: The idea that someone would pay me to make comments on Facebook? Or the fact that I’m doing it for free? Truth be told, I do engage in political discussions on … Continue reading

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Solutions for a Revolution: How Bernie Sanders Supporters Can Save the Movement

I’ve been exceptionally hard on Bernie Sanders and his supporters this election cycle. Anyone that reads this blog can tell you that the majority of my posts are critical of the senator and his so-called “revolution.” Truthfully though, there’s a … Continue reading

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Bernie’s Big Lie: A Contested Convention in July

I’m actually in the process of crafting a longer essay on how I believe the Bernie Sanders movement can continue after the nominating process is over, but new information cluttered my morning newsfeed, so here we are. Multiple sources reported … Continue reading

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