TrollPatrol8: A Countdown of the Worst People on Social Media This Week


Okay Maria, but this article is about Elizabeth Warren.

#9 PotusCheTP.jpg

He can’t hear you, Jenifer. You’re on the Internet, and he’s in Cuba.

#8 FlotusLunchTP

As opposed to before, when they didn’t taste like cardboard? Not sure I get your point, Terry.


Yeah! Screw those Belgians and their waffles, too!

#6 McConnelTP

Probably not, Kerry. But future generations will now know what you thought of Mitch McConnell. Happy?

#5 ObamaKissTP

So many asses, so little time. Am I right, Jimmy?

#4 ProtestersFlintTP

Well William, unknowingly being fed toxic chemicals does have a way of pissing people off. Do you blame them?

#3 MegynDykeTP.jpg

I’ve heard the belt needs to match the shoes, but do the genitals have to match the haircut?

#2 TrumpMuslimsTP.jpg

When Mike is scared, he uses exclamation points. Lots of exclamation points.


Special place in hell, John. Special place in hell.



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