TrollPatrol6: A Countdown of the Worst People on Social Media This Week

#10 CarsonCHickenTP.jpg

Okay, but that doesn’t explain why there’s a chicken throwing up at the end of your comment. Consuelo, explain . . . the . . . chicken.

 #9 ChelseaForeheadTP.jpg

Aron, I think the fact that you can remember every forehead you’ve ever seen is a little strange. Can we recommend a psychologist?

#8 GrahamEtherTP

Please. Tell us more about your extremely well thought out views on diarrhea and vomiting, Richard.

#7 KasichUranusTP.jpg

Anyone else miss high school? Yeah, me neither.

#6 RomneyGiveAwayTP.jpg

Charles, did Romney shoot that poor mouse too, or . . . ?

#5 TrumpNamesTP1.jpg

Actually, that’s 11 words, Rick. But yeah, we get the idea.

#4 RubioTongueTP.jpg

Hi John! Do travel agents make more than hookers? And if so, how do you know?

#3 RubioJewsTP.jpg

Well, of course he’s doing it blindly, Oskar. If he’s up their ass, how do you expect him to see?

#2 TrumpWienerTP

Just because you found it, doesn’t mean you gotta pick it up and take a picture.

#1 BernieBabyTP.jpg

Congratulations Elliot, Alex, Zachary and David. You all just found the express lane to hell. Don’t worry, it’ll only feel like an eternity.

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