The PostModerate Platform


At some point it’s necessary for a political party to put forth a set of ideas that form the foundation of its philosophy. What follows is a collection of guiding principles that moderates should study with a careful eye and an open mind. Consider them a starting point. They are neither set in stone, nor closed to debate. This is where the conversation begins.

As moderates, we believe:

That the best solutions to our problems remain within the republican-democratic framework embodied in our Constitution.

That conflict is inherent in politics and our discourse should be civil.

That the facts are not in dispute, but evidence is open to interpretation.

That finding compromise and common ground is our first principle.

That citizenship is active.

That American Exceptionalism is only possible by our example.

That our country has a rich culture of Christian traditions living peacefully among other religions, faiths and beliefs, including those of non-belief and skepticism.

That our spending, debt, and deficits need to be managed with restraint.

That campaign finance reform is a top priority.

That our military presence in the world is necessary and needs to be utilized responsibly.

That our social safety nets are a crucial part of our identity as a compassionate society.

That income inequality needs to be rectified without destroying an individual’s liberty to create wealth.

That political correctness is essential in a country as diverse as America.

That our immigration policy should address our security and our values as an open society.

That institutionalized discrimination is a part of our culture and national fabric.

That Black Lives Matter and all lives matter, both are important and have different meanings.

That members of the LGBT community enjoy the same rights as every other citizen.

That we should eliminate the cultural issues that make abortion necessary, without taking away a woman’s right to make her own choices.

That banning firearms won’t solve our 2nd Amendment problem, but rejecting every form of gun control is irresponsible.

That climate change is real, and our response to its effects must be measured and responsible to existing systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ideology of the PostModerate, click on the Moderate Politics category on the right, or click here to get started.

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